Semi-automatic French Fries And Potato Chips Production Line 50Kg/h

Material: Potatoes

Finished product: French fries and potato chips

Frying heating method: electric heating, gas heating

Production capacity: customized services can be provided according to the actual needs of customers.


The semi-automatic french fries and potato chips production line is specially designed for small and medium-sized french fries and potato chips manufacturers, which can meet the needs of various outputs: 50kg/h, 70kg/h, 100kg/h. The semi-automatic potato chips and french fries production line provided by our company supports customization, and can also design the production line scheme according to the customer’s factory.


Introduction of Semi-automatic French Fries Line/Semi-automatic Potato Chips Line

Introduction of semi-automatic french fries production line: It is mainly composed of potato brush cleaning machine, potato cutting machine, french fries blanching machine, french fries frying machine, french fries deoiling machine, and french fries seasoning machine.

Introduction of semi-automatic potato chips making machine: It is mainly composed of a potato brush cleaning machine, detoxification slicing machine, potato chip blanching machine, potato chip frying machine, potato chip deoiling machine, potato chip seasoning machine.

The difference between the semi-automatic french fries line and the semi-automatic potato chips line is mainly in the difference of the cutting machine, and other machines are the same.

Introduction Of Semi Automatic French Fries And Potato Chips Making Machine

  1. Potato brush cleaning machine: The potato brush cleaning machine has large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning and simple operation. The integrated design of cleaning and peeling can automatically feed and discharge.
  2. Potato cutting machine: The potato cutting machine is mainly divided into potato slicer and French fries slicer according to the shape of the slice, and the sliced size can be adjusted.
  3. French fries/potato chips blanching machine: rinse and protect the color of the cut potato chips (strips).
  4. French fries/potato chips frying machine: use a frame fryer to fry french fries/potato chips. There are two heating methods: electric heating and gas heating.
  5. French fries/potato chips degreasing machine: the centrifugal degreasing machine is used to degreasing the fried french fries and potato chips to reduce the greasy feeling.
  6. French fries/potato chips seasoning machine: use an octagonal seasoning machine for seasoning to increase the flavor of french fries/potato chips.
  7. French fries/chips packaging machine (optional): nitrogen-filled packaging after seasoning to extend shelf life.

Advantage Of Semiautomatic French Fries And Potato Chips Production Line 

  • Stable performance, high-quality fries, and chips.
  • Less consumption of edible oil, low fuel consumption, and a variety of processing capacities for your choice.
  • The machine is factory configured with detailed instructions and installation videos.
  •  With a low one-time investment, low energy consumption, multiple functions, small size, and high profit. Ideal for small and medium food processing plants.

If you want to get a quotation for a semi-automatic french fries machine and semi-automatic potato chips making machine, please leave a message, we will design a production line plan for you as soon as possible and provide quotations.

Technical Parameter

Name Model Dimension Power
Automatic Frying Machine LZG4000A 4000*1400*2230mm 120 kW
Deoiling Machine Bottom discharge 1450*1350*1700mm 2.2KW
Automatic Season Machine GT1500A 1800*900*1600 mm 1.5 Kw

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