Automatic Potato Washing Cleaning Grading Packing Processing Line

Whether small, medium, or industrial, our potato washing, grading and packaging lines are custom-made to meet your exact requirements, increasing your production efficiency and thus more profit margins.


This potato washing, grading and packaging line automates high-speed cleaning, brushing, grading and packaging of potatoes of all shapes and sizes. The most popular cleaning, grading and packaging line in potato processing. It is mainly composed of a potato washing and grading machine, potato drying machine, and potato packing machine.


Introduction of Potato Washing And Grading Packing Machines

The technological process mainly includes: potatoes – washing – drying – grading – the packaging

* Potato Elevator

Lift Potatoes to the Rough Washer

* Potato Rough Washing and Destoning Machine

Freshly harvested potatoes may have dirt, stones, dirt, twigs and other foreign objects that require rough washing with this machine. These harmful foreign substances can be effectively separated from the potatoes, and it is convenient to enter the production line for processing.

* Potato washing machine – U-shaped brush washing machine

The potato U-shaped brush cleaning machine can thoroughly clean the skin of the potato and effectively remove all the dirt and mud remaining on the surface of the potato. It can also be polished to give the potatoes a premium look and feel. Attract the attention of market consumers.

Working principle: Potatoes enter the sink and are fully dispersed, rolled, cleaned and transported under the action of high-pressure water flow and strong air bubbles. The sediment eluted from the surface of the material sinks into the bottom isolation bin, and there will be no re-pollution caused by turning up and backflow. The debris and worms floating in the water are collected by the mesh of the debris removal mechanism and discharged into the nylon bag of the lower water tank with the water flow overflowing the water tank. After the washed material comes out of the water, it is sprayed and cleaned and sent to the next process. The end of the conveyor belt is equipped with a blowing device, which can blow off the material stuck on the conveyor belt to prevent it from being brought back to the cleaning tank.


*Potato Separator-Air Knife Air Drying Machine

The air dryer is dried by natural air with large air volume and low noise and is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. The air dryer is designed to be turned over and conveyed multiple times, and there is a reverse air device to prevent dead ends. The air dryer has a good drying effect and the speed of the equipment is adjustable. Smooth conveying and high efficiency. The air dryer is simple and convenient to use, and it can dry the moisture on the surface of the potatoes well.

* Potato Grading Machine – Size Grading Machine

The potato grading machine is mainly used for grading the diameter of the potatoes. According to the size of the potato and the geometric size of the product, it is divided into 3-6 grades by category. The size grade can be customized according to the product requirements. The running speed of the whole machine is adjustable, the sorting speed is fast, and the accuracy rate is high, which can fully meet the requirements of potatoes. The workload of the processing plant.

*Potato packing machine

After sorting, the potatoes are packaged according to different sizes and can be transported and sold after packaging. Packaging machines can be installed at the end of the potato grading line, depending on the market you are exporting to and the preferences of your customers

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