Small Scale Frozen Steak Fries Production Line

The frozen steak fries production line include peeling, picking and conveying, cutting, rinsing, blanching, vibration draining, air drying, frying, vibration deoiling, air drying, freezing, etc.


Introducing our state-of-the-art frozen steak fries production line – a advanced solution designed to revolutionize the way you produce and deliver high-quality frozen steak fries. This advanced production line is crafted with precision and innovation, ensuring efficiency, consistency, and superior performance.


Frozen steak fries production line working process:

peeling→picking and conveying→cutting→rinsing→blanching→vibration draining→air drying→frying→vibration deoiling→air drying→freezing→packaging

Frozen steak fries production line features:

Automated cutting system: Our production line boasts an automated cutting system that ensures precision and uniformity in every steak fry. Say goodbye to variations in size – our technology guarantees perfectly cut fries every time.

Quick freezing technology: Speed matters, and our quick freezing technology ensures that your steak fries are rapidly frozen to lock in freshness and preserve the natural flavor and texture. This not only enhances the quality of your product but also extends its shelf life.

Customization options: Adaptability is crucial in the food industry, and our production line provides flexibility to meet your specific needs. Adjust thickness, length, and other parameters effortlessly to cater to diverse market demands.

Energy-efficient design: We understand the importance of sustainability. Our production line is engineered with energy-efficient features to minimize environmental impact while maintaining optimal performance.

Hygienic construction: Food safety is non-negotiable. Our steak fries production line is constructed with easy-to-clean materials and designed to meet the highest hygiene standards. This ensures that your frozen steak fries are not only delicious but also safe for consumption.

User-friendly interface: Operating the production line is a breeze with our user-friendly interface. Intuitive controls and a touch-screen display make it simple for your staff to manage the entire process efficiently.

High production capacity: Whether you’re a small business or a large-scale operation, our production line is equipped to handle high volumes without compromising on quality. Increase your output and meet market demands effortlessly.

frozen steak fries production line

Steak fries production line benefits:

  • Consistent quality: The automated processes guarantee that each batch of steak fries meets the highest standards of quality, providing your customers with a reliable and enjoyable dining experience.
  • Cost-efficiency: Streamline your production process and reduce labor costs with our efficient and automated production line. Maximize your return on investment while maintaining excellence in your products.
  • Market competitiveness: Stay ahead in the market by delivering consistently high-quality frozen steak fries. Our production line gives you the edge needed to stand out and capture consumer preference.

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