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Provide A Variety Of Potato Turnkey Solutions !

Potato Machines Customizable

Almost all machines and solutions for processing potatoes can be customized according to customer needs.

Factory Visit For Potato Processing

In order to learn more about our product processing process, our business staff will take you to visit our factory.

Excellent Service For Customers

Provide customers with online explanation services, in-sale customization services, and after-sale maintenance services.

Potato Processing Solutions

Customized potato processing solutions for customers

Potato Frying And  Freezing Solutions

The available finished products are potato chips, compound potato chips, fries, corrugated potato chips, rippledfrench fries, frozen french fries.

Frozen French Fries Line

This production line is designed for frozen french fries,include washing, peeling, cutting, blanching, freezing, packaging, etc.

Potato Cleaning Grading Solutions

After the potatoes are cleaned, they are graded according to their size, and they are packaged after classification: bagged, mesh belt packaging.

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Customer Reviews

I have benefited a lot from this visit. After visiting the factory, I believe in your products even more. I hope to have a happy cooperation in the future!


After learning about the company’s corporate culture, I felt the enthusiasm of the employees, which made me believe in your products even more!


After the cooperation, I recommended you to my friends, because I believe in you enough, and it is also my honor!


Potato Processing Machines And Solutions

We provide professional technology and services to allow customers to buy our potato processing machines and potato processing production lines with confidence.

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