Potato Grading Machinery Manufacturer From China

Grading method: size grading

Handling capacity: 2 tons/h, support customization

Advantages: Sorting speed blocks without damaging potatoes


potato grading machinery is one of the common machines in the potato processing process, which is mainly based on the diameter of the potatoes. The whole machine has the functions of lifting conveying, roller conveying, roller sorting, etc. The running speed is adjustable, the sorting speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the work efficiency can reach 2 tons per hour. Widely used in fruit and vegetable processing plants. In addition, as a professional potato grading machine manufacturer, this machine can be customized according to the actual sorting needs of customers.

commercial potato grading machinery

Working Principle Of Potato Grading Machinery

The working principle of the potato grading machine: the potato grader is composed of a lifting conveyor and a roller drive grader. The potatoes are lifted to the rollers, the rolling bearings rotate, and the potatoes will gradually increase the center distance between the rollers to reach the potatoes. For the sorting of the corresponding size, the sorted potatoes fall into the conveyor belt from the gap between the rollers and are sent out.

Advantages Of Potato Grading Machine Manufacturer

  • Excellent material, simple and compact structure design, beautiful appearance.
  • The place where there is a drop between the connecting plate and the discharge port is padded with a buffer conveyor belt, which can protect the potatoes from damage.
  • Low power consumption, low noise, flexible movement, easy maintenance, and low power consumption.
  • Through the rotation of the roller, the potatoes fall into the receiving trough through the appropriate aperture and then are discharged to the collecting hopper from the material guide port.
  • One machine is multi-purpose and has a wide range of applications. It can sort a variety of fruits and vegetables with high sorting efficiency.
  • The graded potatoes are convenient for the next process, and it is one of the machines that are often used in potato cleaning and packaging lines.

Application Of Potato Grading Machinery

Potato grading machines can promote the quality and quality of the overall batch, and finally realize the standardization of potatoes, thereby fundamentally improving and improving the quality of potatoes. If you want to know the details about this machine, you can consult online or leave a message. As a professional manufacturer of potato grading machines, we will provide you with the right solution.

Scope of use: suitable for a variety of fruit and vegetable products: garlic, onion, carrot, sweet potato, potato, green pepper, orange, kumquat, apple, mangosteen, etc.

Applicable objects: potato processing plants, potato farmers, fruit and vegetable processing plants.

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