Commercial Potato Cube Cutting Machine 500KG/H

Description: This machine is suitable for cutting various rhizome fruits and vegetables into cubes or long blocks.


This potato cube cutting machine can cut potatoes into cubes quickly and efficiently and can be used to process various root vegetables. The potato cuber machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. The use of compound knives makes the cut potato pieces smooth and has a high forming rate, which is favored by customers.

potato cube cutting machine details

Working Principle Of Potato Cube Cutting Machine

The dial of this potato cube cutter machine drives the object to be cut to rotate at a high speed, uses the centrifugal force of the object to cut the object to be cut into slices with the help of a vertical knife, and then cuts it into strips through the disc cutter, and sends the material to be cut into the transverse cutting edge. Cut the cross-cutting knife into the desired cube or cuboid.

Working Video Potato Cube Cutter Machine

This potato cuber machine is beautiful in design and easy to operate. Below is the working video of this machine. It can be seen from the video that this machine runs smoothly and can cut potatoes in batches. If you want to get a quotation about this machine, you can leave us a message.

Advantages Of Potato Cube Cutting Machine

  • The cutting size of potatoes can be adjusted, and the cutter can be configured according to the thickness, width, and height of the cutting. Can cut 3-25mm cube or cuboid shape
  • Slicing, shredding, etc. can be achieved by just changing the tool.
  • Easy operation, low energy consumption, fast dicing speed, high efficiency, and effectively reduce labor costs.
  • This potato cube cutter machine is mainly used to cut various root vegetables or fruits into cube and cuboid shapes.
  • Widely used in all kinds of large, medium and small restaurants, canteens, food processing plants, vegetable processing plants, and pickle processing industries.

About Us

Our company is a supplier specializing in potato cutting machines, which can meet different shapes of potato cutting. The products provided by our company have been widely used in agricultural and sideline product processing, fruit and vegetable product processing, advanced frozen prepared food processing, fishery product processing, and other industries, and have won the praise and trust of the majority of users. Our company can also customize potato processing production lines according to customer requirements, such as potato chips production line, potato fries production line, potato grading and packaging line and so on.

Technical Parameter

Model GG-1500
Capacity 2000-3000kg
Powder 3hp
weigh 280
Dimension 1740*1270*1460mm
Cutter size  5-20mm(cube size)

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