Multifunction Potato Slicing Machine with Large Scale

  • Material: Potatoes
  • Cut products: potato chips, potato shreds.
  • Machine application: suitable for a variety of root fruit and vegetable products: ginger, sweet potato, cassava, carrot, etc.

Revolutionize your food processing with the potato slicing machine. Engineered for efficiency and precision, this machine is designed to meet the demands of high-volume potato slicing in commercial settings.


Technical Parameter of Machine for Slicing Potato:

*capacity: 500kg/hour, support customization.

*cut products: Potato chips, shredded potatoes

*shredding specification: 1.5~6mm

*slice size: 1-8mm

*voltage: 220v 50hz

*dimensions: 650x490x850mm


Slicing Machine Application:

Vegetables: potatoes, radishes, onions, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, ginger, etc.

Fruit: apple, banana, plantain, tangerine, etc.

potato cutting machine appication

Potato Slicing Machine advantages:

Efficiency redefined: With its advanced slicing mechanism, this slicing machine can effortlessly slice through large quantities of potatoes in no time. Say goodbye to manual slicing and hello to increased productivity.

Uniform slices every time: Achieve consistent thickness with every slice. Our machine ensures uniformity, which is crucial for food presentation and even cooking.

Adjustable thickness: Tailor your slices to your exact specifications. Whether you need thin potato chips or thicker slices for scalloped potatoes, the adjustable settings give you full control.

Built for durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, this slicing machine is built to withstand the rigors of industrial use. Its robust design ensures longevity and reliable performance even under heavy workloads.

Easy to clean and maintain: Maintaining hygiene standards is effortless with our easy-to-clean design. Components are easily accessible for quick cleaning and maintenance, saving you time and effort.

Versatile applications: Not limited to potatoes, this machine can slice a variety of fruits and vegetables, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen or food processing facility.


Precautions for Using Potato Slicing Machine

Put potatoes (or other materials) in half a minute after the potato slicing machine chips is turned on to ensure the normal operation of the machine and prevent damage to the motor.

The potatoes should be cleaned in advance to prevent the mud on the material from dulling the machine blades.

Not suitable for oversized/stiff or overly fibrous materials. If the blade cannot cut this material, turn off the power immediately. Otherwise, the motor or internal parts will be burned and the life of the machine for slicing machine will be shortened.


Technical Parameter

Model Thickness of strip Length of strip Specification of slice Capacity Power Dimension
GG-503 1.5mm /2mm longest of 20cm 1-8mm 150-250kg/h 220V, 1HP 540*400*560mm
GG-501 1.5-5mm adjustable 1-8mm 500-800kg/h 220V, 1HP 650*550*880mm

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