Fluidized Automatic Frozen French Fries Making Machine 500kg/h

Description; Using the working principle of fluidization, the fries are frozen quickly.

Output: 300-3000kg/h, support customization.

Application: It is mainly suitable for quick freezing of vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat products, diced meat and other granular, flake and block foods.


This automatic frozen french fries machine mainly uses the working principle of fluidization. The french fries float on the stainless steel mesh belt, and the cold air blows upward from the bottom of the mesh belt. The frozen products are blown up by the strong wind, and the french fries are frozen in a suspended state, effectively preventing adhesion. The cooling is completed in a short time, the surface layer is frozen, and the deep layer is frozen, so as to obtain better frozen French fries. The frozen amount of french fries can be customized at 300kg/h-3000kg/h.

frozen french fries machine

Working Video Of Frozen French Fries Making Machine

Below is the working video of this machine. The fluidized quick-freezing machine is named after the strong cold air blowing under the mechanical vibration device and the grid-connected belt, which makes the frozen product in a “flowing” state. Vegetables, fruits, fungi or fried foods will become single in the freezing process, no stacking, no sticking, and the overall layout design is reasonable, which is easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Features Of Automatic Frozen French Fries Machine

  1. The frozen french fries making machine incorporates new quick-freezing technology and new design concepts, adopts multiple fluidized freezing technologies, and has a reasonable structure, which can achieve ideal quick-freezing effects for different product shapes and sizes.
  2. The high-performance fan with high horsepower and strong wind is adopted, with large air volume and fast freezing speed, which can blow up frozen products with large particles and realize fluidized freezing.
  3. The structure is divided into a one-stage fluidized bed, two-stage fluidized bed, and four-link fluidized bed, which can be selected according to the product.
  4. Reasonable appearance, high-quality stainless steel material, in line with food production hygiene standards.
  5. Wide range of applications, mainly suitable for quick freezing of granular, flake, and block foods such as vegetables and fruits.
  6. Easy to clean and easy to overhaul machine.

Our Advantages

  1. Configure suitable frozen french fries making machine according to the actual needs and output of customers.
  2. It can be matched with a complete quick-frozen french fries production line scheme, and a complete production line layout scheme can be designed according to the customer’s workshop.
  3. The brand of the compressor can be optional.
  4. Complete after-sales service, you can buy with confidence.
  5. Support process verification.

fries frozen machine application

If you want to get a detailed quotation about this automatic frozen french fries machine, please leave us a message or contact us.And then we will send you the detailed details and quotation of the machine as soon as possible.

Technical Parameters

Models YSD-500 YSD-1000 YSD-2000 YSD-3000
Capacity(kg/h) 500 1000 2000 3000
Height of inlet and outlet Inlet 1055mm/Outlet 835mm
Max Height 2500mm
Sizes 8000×2230×2500mm 14000×2230×2500mm 17000×2230×2500mm 20000×2230×2500mm
Belt Width 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm
Freezing Time 5-25min(Adjustable)
Power(KW) 18 31 41

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