Automatic French Fries Quick Frozen Production Line Machine Supplier

Frozen fries can last longer, which is one of the reasons why interpreters, snack bars, and fast food restaurants love them.

Fully automatic frozen French fries process:

Lifting and feeding → cleaning and peeling → cutting strips → rinsing → blanching and color protection → vibration dehydration → air cooling dehydration → frying → vibration degreasing → air cooling degreasing → freezing → packaging.


As a professional french fries quick frozen production line machine supplier, we provide customers with quick-frozen french fries solutions of different scales. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and has a long service life. It is an ideal production line for the processing of quick-frozen french fries.

  • Design principle: realize the automatic production of quick-frozen french fries.
  • Capacity: 100-1000kg/h, customized according to customer needs.
  • Machines: peeling machine, cutting machine, blanching machine, dehydrator, fryer, deoiler, quick freezer, packaging machine
  • Material: High quality 304 stainless steel.
  • Applicable french fries: frozen fries, frozen corrugated fries.

frozen fries line

Advantages of French Fries Production Line Frozen Supplier

  1. The thickness of the fries can be adjusted (6mm -10mm).
  2. The french fries quick frozen production line machine can be made according to the special requirements of customers.
  3. Semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines can be purchased according to demand.
  4. There are various heating methods for blanching and frying machines: electric or gas.
  5. It is easy to operate, highly automated, energy-saving, powerful and saves investment.
  6. The frozen French fries are of good quality, the production line can process high-quality frozen French fries that meet hygienic standards
  7. Our company provides customers with high-quality services, cost accounting, machine design, machine installation and debugging, etc.

commercial frozen fries line

French Fries Quick Frozen Production Line Machine Introduction

  1. Potato cleaning and peeling machine: This machine can continuously and thoroughly clean and peel potatoes.
  2. Sorting conveyor: removes defective potatoes.
  3. French Fries Cutting Machine: Cut potatoes into French fries with adjustable cutting thickness.
  4. French fries washing machine: impact and scrub the french fries by high pressure water flow and blisters to wash away the starch on the surface
  5. French fries blanching machine: blanching to inhibit the activity of enzymes and maintain the original bright color of the french fries.
  6. Vibration dehydrator: remove surface moisture by vibration.
  7. Air-cooled dryer: Pre-cooling is performed by high-pressure air blowing, and excess water is removed in a short time, effectively preventing the phenomenon of frying oil jumping.
  8. French Fry Fryer: Deep fry the fries at a stable oil temperature and evenly brown to a golden brown.
  9. Vibration degreaser: French fries must be deoiled after frying to remove excess frying oil on the surface,
  10. Cooling: Cool down quickly with a cooling fan, ready for the next step
  11. French Fries Quick Freezer: Freeze products and prevent sticking to achieve quick freezing.
  12. Automatic packing machine: used for packing finished frozen French fries.

As a professional french fries production line frozen supplier, we will provide suitable solutions according to your needs, welcome to customize.

Technical Data

Product Name Frozen French Fries Production Line
Final Product Frozen French Fries
Raw Material Fresh potatoes
Capacity 200 kg/h(Can be customized)
Working Shop >300m2, height>4m
Voltage 380/50Hz/3Phase
Power 250kw(Customized)
Workers 6-8 workers
Heating Gas(Can be customized electricity)

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