Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line Manufacturer

Processing technology: cleaning and peeling – cutting – blanching – frying – quick freezing – packaging


The small scale frozen french fries production line is specially designed for manufacturers producing frozen french fries and is very suitable for small and medium french fries production enterprises. This production line has the characteristics of low cost, low energy consumption, multi-function, small size, high profit, and convenient maintenance. We provide different models (70kgh, 100kg/h, and 200kg/h) to help customers better carry out frozen fries business.

Process Of Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line

The quick-frozen french fries production line mainly includes potato cleaning and peeling, potato cutting, french fries blanching, french fries frying, french fries quick-freezing, and quick-frozen french fries packaging. In addition, the process can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers. ensure normal production.

frozen french fries production machine

Introduction Of Frozen French Fries Production Machine

  1. Potato cleaning and peeling machine: realize the cleaning and peeling process of potatoes at one time, and the cleaning and peeling effect is good.
  2. Potato Slicer: It can cut potatoes into vertical strips, and the cutting size can be adjusted.
  3. French fries blanching machine: for rinsing and color protection.
  4. The french fries air dryer removes the moisture on the surface and reduces the frying time.
  5. French fries fryer: fry french fries with time and temperature controllable.
  6. French Fries Quick Freezer: Freeze the fried French fries.
  7. Frozen potato packaging machine: weighing and packaging.

Advantages Of Frozen French Fries Production Machine

  • Each frozen french fries production machine in the production line is mostly made of stainless steel, which conforms to hygiene standards.
  • Each machine can be customized.
  • The french fries cutting thickness, blanching temperature, blanching time and frying time can be adjusted in the production line
  • High work efficiency, easy to clean, labor-saving, energy-saving, and can create more benefits.
  • Low investment budget, low purchase cost, favorable price, fast income and high profit.
  • Applicable to other materials with the same processing technology: sweet potato, cassava, carrot, etc.

Future Of Frozen Fries Business

Frozen French fries can be processed for the second time. The raw materials required by supermarkets and fast-food restaurants are all frozen French fries. So frozen fries is a business worth investing in, and this production line offered by our company is also very popular due to its considerable profits.

If you want to get a quotation about this small scale frozen french fries production line or want to know more details, you can leave us a message.

Technical Data

Product Name Frozen French Fries Production Line
Final Product Frozen French Fries
Raw Material Fresh potatoes
Capacity 200 kg/h(Can be customized)
Working Shop >300m2, height>4m
Voltage 380/50Hz/3Phase
Power 250kw(Customized)
Workers 6-8 workers
Heating Gas(Can be customized as electricity)

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