Fully Automatic French Fries Machine for Business

Introduction of the french fries machine for business: It can be used to make fried and frozen fries.


Whether making French fries or quick-frozen fries, the fully automatic french fries machines used by enterprises mainly include the following: potato cutting machine, potato washing and peeling machine, french fries cutting machine, french fries frying machine, french fries deoiling machine, french fries seasoning machine, french fries freezing machine, potato fries Bar wrapping machine. The above-mentioned machines are some common machines in the process of producing french fries, and each french fries manufacturing machine has different functions in the production process.

Introduction of Fully Automatic French Fries Machine for Business


First: Machine Used for Frying French Fries

The following machines are commonly used in the process of frying french fries, and they are also commonly used in the french fries production line.

  1. Potato cleaning and peeling machine: It integrates cleaning and peeling, which can efficiently clean potatoes and achieve the purpose of peeling.
  2. French fries cutting machine: cut potatoes according to size, the cutting size of french fries can be adjusted and customized.
  3. French fries blanching machine: plays the role of color protection.
  4. French fries frying machine: The frying temperature and time can be adjusted, the quality of the fried products is good, and the operation is simple.
  5. French fries deoiling machine: It can effectively reduce the greasy feeling, and the oil removed can be recycled and reused.
  6. French fries seasoning machine: seasoning with different seasonings, the seasoning machine runs very smoothly during the working process, will not damage the material, and can obtain french fries with different flavors.
  7. French fries packaging machine: the automatic packaging machine packs the french fries.


SecondMachines Used for Frozen French Fries

The following machines are commonly used in the frozen french fries production line.

  1. Potato washing and peeling machine: Wash and peel the potatoes.
  2. French fries slicer machine: Cut the potatoes into french fries.
  3. French fries blanching machine: plays the role of color protection.
  4. French fries fryer machine: frying before quick freezing to ensure the texture of the French fries after quick freezing.
  5. French fries freezing machine: quick-freeze the fried french fries, this french fries machine for business can quickly freeze the french fries in batches.
  6. Cold storage: refrigerate.

fully automatic french fries machine

Advantages of French Fries Manufacturing Machine

  1. Support customization, each french fries manufacturing machine can be customized according to production needs.
  2. The processing technology of frozen French fries and the processing technology of fried French fries can be provided according to the demand.
  3. Reliable quality, most of the machines are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is in line with food production safety.
  4. High work efficiency and energy saving.


The above is the introduction of the fully automatic french fries machine, if you want to get more details, you can leave us a message.

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