Commercial Potato French Fries Fryer Machine In Pakistan

This french fries frying machine has the functions of automatic discharge, automatic stirring, automatic oil control and so on. Fried food not only has good color, aroma and taste but also reduces the labor intensity of workers.


This french fries fryer machine in Pakistan is a common machine in the potato frying process. It adopts the latest and most advanced technology to improve production efficiency and oil saving rate. During the frying process, the material can be stirred automatically without sticking. It is suitable for frying a variety of products, and can also be used with the french fries production line. It is a very good processor for starting a fries, potato chip business.

  • Ingredients: fresh potatoes
  • Finished products: French fries, potato chips
  • Processing method: deep-frying
  • Heating method: electric heating, gas heating
  • Processing capacity: 100kg/h-900kg/h
  • Discharge method: automatic discharge after frying

french fries making

Advantages Of French Fries Making Machine

  • ☆Automatic discharge by motor drive, optional automatic feeding to reduce labor intensity.
  • ☆Automatic stirring ensures that the product is fried evenly and prevents compression and sticking.
  • ☆The whole oil temperature is automatically controlled, and the temperature can be set at will from 0-230 degrees.
  • ☆Suitable for frying foods with different technological requirements
  • ☆Simple operation, equipped with wheels, easy to move.
  • ☆PLC control panel can adjust frying time and frying temperature more accurately.
  • ☆This french fries machine can fry a variety of food without a peculiar smell, no oil fumes, and provide a clean and hygienic working environment.
  • ☆Easy to clean and maintain after frying

Running Video Of French Fries Fryer Machine Pakistan

This french fries frying machine saves a lot of manpower in the working process, improves the appearance of the product, brings high added value to the product, maintains a stable temperature and the nutrition of fried food. This machine is widely used in fast-food restaurants, canteens, chain stores and small and medium-sized fried food processing enterprises.

Machine Selection Of French Fries Fryer Machine Pakistan

  1. It can be used with deoiler and hoist, which integrates frying and deoiling to make it more automatic.
  2. The diameter of the french fries fryer basket can be customized according to requirements.
  3. According to the demand, the collecting bin is designed to facilitate feeding.
  4. The heating method is optional.

If you want to get details about this french fries making machine, you can leave us a message and we will send you a quotation as soon as possible. If you want to see how the machine works, we can send you a video or you can visit our factory. And If you want to make french fries and chips easier and faster, order this machine now!

Technical Parameter

Model Depth of frying pan diameter(MM) Stirring power(KW) Lifting power(KW) Heating power Dimension(MM)
GGYZG1000A 400 0.37 1.1 15KW 1900*1800*1770
GGYZG1200A 400 0.37 1.1 20KW 2100*2000*1770
GGYZG1500A 400 0.37 1.1 20KW 2300*2200*1770
GGYZE1000A 400 0.37 1.1 36KW 1650*1250*1550
GGYZE1200A 400 0.37 1.1 48KW 1850*1450*1500
GGYZE1500A 400 0.37 1.1 60KW 2150*1750*1550

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