100-2000kg/h Potato French Fries Factory Machine

*Advantages of potato french fries making machine: excellent quality, high work efficiency, support customization.

*Suitable for fries processing plants, manufacturers who want to start a fries business or expand their scale.

*Capacity from 100-2000kg/h


French fries factory machine is an advanced equipment for mass production of high quality french fries. These potato fries machines integrates various process steps to automate the production process from potato handling to french fries packaging. The use of advanced technology ensures consistency, quality and hygienic standards for french fries, making it ideal for food processors.

french fries industrial process

French Fries Making Process:

Washing and peeling–cutting–frying–deoiling–seasoning–packaging

Potato washing and peeling: Use the automatic potato cleaning and peeling machine to clean potatoes quickly and efficiently.

Potato cutting: Cut the potatoes into smooth, uniform-sized fries.

Frying: The frying machine automatically deep-fries the fries until golden brown. The frying temperature and time are automatically controlled, and the heating method can be electric heating or gas heating.

De-oiling: Remove excess oil from the surface of french fries through the principle of vibration or centrifugation.

Seasoning: A drum-type seasoning machine is equipped with a powder spraying device, which can spread the powder evenly, achieve even seasoning, and have a low breakage rate.

French Fries Factory Machine Features:

  1. Multiple choices: You can choose semi-automatic or automatic potato fries machineaccording to actual production needs, with output from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h.
  2. Fully automated production process: From the cleaning and cutting of potatoto frying and packaging, all steps are automated, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.
  3. Guarantee of high-quality French fries: Advanced production technology and french fries factory machineensure the consistency and quality stability of french fries. The precise control system monitors parameters such as temperature and time to ensure the quality of french fries.
  4. Easy to operate and maintain: The device adopts a user-friendly interface and operating system, making it easy to operate and maintain. The production line is reasonably designed and easy to clean and maintain, reducing production line downtime.

Application Areas:

It is suitable for various food processing enterprises, including but not limited to fast food chains, food processing plants, etc., which can achieve efficient and stable french fries making through this french fries factory machine.

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