Potato Chips Manufacturing Making Line for Chips Factory

The potato chips making line include wash and peel, slice, rinse, blanch, ari dry, fry, etc.


Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, this potato chips making line is your key to producing consistently delicious and crispy potato chips. From start to finish, the potato chips making line offers seamless integration of essential components, ensuring a smooth and streamlined production process.

Potato chips production process:

Raw material selection → wash and peel → slice → rinse → blanch → air dry → fry → vibrate and drain → season → packaging

potato chips manufacturing machine

Main potato chips manufacturing machine:

  • Brush cleaning and peeling machine: washing and peeling potatoes
  • Potato cutter: clean and peel potatoes and cut them into slices
  • Rinsing machine: removes starch from potato surface
  • Blanching machine: blanching with 60-95℃ hot water to remove starch and protect color
  • Air dryer: remove excess moisture from the surface of potato chips
  • Frying machine: Just set the temperature and the machine will run automatically to produce potato chips of consistent quality.
  • Oil draining machine: After frying potato chips, the oil is drained through vibration to remove excess oil on the surface of the potato chips.

Potato chips making line features:

  1. Fully automatic control can save a lot of labor costs.
  2. Made of SS 304 material, easy to clean. Comply with hygienic requirements for food production.
  3. All electrical accessories are from well-known brands.
  4. Reasonable design and flexible placement.
  5. Easy to move, almost all wheeled equipment can be moved to other places.
  6. Small scale potato chipsmanufacturing machine can be customized according to customer requirements.

Unlock the full potential of your potato chip manufacturing operation with our potato chips solution-the ultimate choice for excellence in potato chip production.

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