Potato/French Fries/Potato Chips Air Drying Machine for Remover Water

Model Powder(KW) Size(MM) Weight(KG) Mesh belt width (MM) Number of fans
GGFD4000 1.1 4000*1200*1500 600 800 8
GGFD5000 1.5 5000*1200*1500 750 800 10
GGFD6000 1.5 5000*1200*1500 900 800 12

This potato air drying machine is dried by natural air with large air volume and low noise and is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, so as to achieve high-efficiency operation and continuous operation. Potatoes that have been dewatered by the air dryer can be directly packed into boxes, or the french fries and potato chips that have been blanched on the production line can be dewatered. Good air-drying effect and high efficiency, preventing dead ends of drying.

Working Principle of Potato Air Drying Machine

Use the wind generated by the fan to blow off the moisture on the surface of potatoes or potato chips or reduce the surface temperature of the material.

Features of Potato Chips Air Drying Machine

  •  The potato chips air drying machine can effectively remove the water droplets on the surface of the material, greatly shorten the preparation work for labeling and packing, be suitable for assembly line operations, and improve the degree of production automation of enterprises.
  •  Compared with the traditional drying and dewatering method, this potato air drying machine is easy to operate and easy to use, and the surface of the package is free from scale pollution after dewatering.
  •  The airflow generated by the potato chips air dryer machine is sprayed out through the nozzle, and the drying air temperature is normal temperature. The air dryer can effectively protect the color and quality of the material itself. In order to achieve the effect of removing water, oil stains, and scale from packaging, it can be packed into storage.
  •  Made of high-quality stainless steel, controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation, the air dryer runs smoothly, with small size and high efficiency.

air drying machine

Operation Points of French Fries Air Drying Machine

  1. The voltage is 380V, installed by a professional electrician.
  2. The type and power of the motor used in the package are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual, and should not be arbitrarily selected.
  3. After the air drying machine is installed and the circuit electrical appliances are connected, turn the running parts of the machine by hand to check whether foreign objects fall into the inner cavity, so as to avoid damage to the machine after starting the motor.
  4. After the machine is installed, it should be stable and all the fasteners should be tightened.
  5. Properly adjust the V-belt of the transmission part so as not to affect the quality during processing.
  6. Non-productive maintenance and adjustment shall not be performed while the french fries air drying machine is running.
  7. After the machine has been running for a period of time, the bolts and nuts of each fastener should be re-checked and tightened, so as not to fall into the inner cavity after loosening and damaging the machine.
  8. Clean the oil tank and conveyor belt, remove foreign matter and dirt, and dry the water.
  9. Visually check whether the power cord is damaged or cracked.

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