Continuous Potato Chips Frying Machine For Sale 300Kg/H

The use of automatic continuous potato chip frying machine can greatly improve product quality, reduce various costs in the production process, and make your products more competitive in the market.


This potato chips frying machine for sale adopts stainless steel mesh belt to convey potato chips, which plays a certain role in stirring the potato chips entering the fryer machine and prevents the materials from being too close together. During the frying process, the turnover of the frying oil is fast, and the frying oil is filtered during the circulation process to keep the frying oil clean and improve the quality of the frying oil. This machine has different models and can be customized according to the output.

Structure Introduction of Continuous Potato Chips Fryer Machine

The continuous potato chips fryer equipment consists of several systems: mesh belt conveying system, mesh belt lifting system, oil temperature control system, and oil circulation system.

Below is the working video of this potato chips frying machine, which can realize automatic feeding and automatic discharging, and is one of the most popular potato chip fryers. This machine not only increases the output but also can make the product quality stable, with uniform color, aroma and taste. In addition, this machine is widely used, often suitable for frying fruit and vegetable products, seafood, meat products, soy products, and pastry products.

potato chips making

Features of Potato Chips Frying Machine For Sale

  1. Energy can be selected in various forms such as electricity and gas.
  2. The speed of the motor is controlled by the inverter, and the speed of the mesh belt and the frying time are adjustable.
  3. Made of high-quality stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain.
  4. It can realize continuous production, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
  5. The upper and lower mesh belts and the stirring dial can be lifted together with the fume hood, which is more convenient for cleaning.
  6. In order to reduce heat loss, a thickened aluminum silicate insulation material is installed between the inner tank and the outer shell of thecontinuous potato chips fryermachine.
  7. Support customization, and deoiling and seasoning equipment can be configured according to requirements.

Our Advantage

  • Factory configuration detailed manual and installation instruction video.
  • We have rich experience and rich knowledge to ensure to provide you with the best products.
  • Customized service: Customized service can be provided according to the specific needs of customers, and the potato chipsproduction line can also be configured according to the product process.
  • You can come to our factory for on-the-spot inspection, or call for consultation. I look forward to cooperating with you!

If you want to order this potato chips frying machine for sale , please leave us a message and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Technical Parameter Of Potato Chips Frying Machine

Model Belt width
oil pump power
lifting power
heating power Dimension
GGLZG3500A 800 1.5 0.55 20Wkcal 3700*1900*2400
GGLZG5000A 800 1.5 0.55*2 30Wkcal 5200*1900*2400
GGLZG6500A 800 1.5 0.75*2 20Wkcal*2 6700*1900*2400
GGLZG8000A 800 2.2 0.75*2 30Wkcal*2 8200*1900*2400
GGLZE3500A 800 1.5 0.55 90KW 3700*1600*2200
GGLZE5000A 800 1.5 0.55*2 120kw 5200*1600*2200
GGLZE6500A 800 1.5 0.75*2 190kw 6700*1600*2200
GGLZE8000A 800 2.2 0.75*2 255kw 8200*1600*2200

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