Complete Line Potato Chips Making Production Machine

The complete line potato chips making machine includes washing and peeling machine, slicing machine, blanching machine, air drying machine, frying machine, etc.


The potato chips production machine transforms potatoes into crispy, golden delights. And the complete line potato chips making machine ensures efficiency, consistency, and quality at every step of the process. From washing and peeling to slicing and frying, each component is designed for optimal performance, delivering batch after batch of perfect potato chips.

potato chips production machine

Complete Line Potato Chips Making Machine Working Flow:

  1. Washing and peeling machine. 1. Use a brush-type washing and peeling machine to complete the washing and peeling operations at the same time, with high efficiency and low loss.
  2. Slicing machine: The thickness of the slice can be adjusted at will.
  3. Blanching machine: Rinsing and color-protecting the cut potato chips.
  4. Air dryer: Dryingbefore frying can greatly shorten the frying time and improve the taste of potato chips.
  5. Frying machine: Accurate oil temperature control ensures the quality and taste of potato chips.
  6. Deoiling machine: Deoil fried potato chips, which overcomes the shortcoming of high oil content of potato chips and improves the taste of potato chips.
  7. Seasoning machine: Made of stainless steel. The potato chips are flipped evenly during the rotation of the drum, and seasoning can be done by sprinkling or spraying.
  8. Packaging machine: When packaging, filling the packaging bag with nitrogen can effectively prevent potato chips from breaking and extend the shelf life.

With our potato chips production machine, customization is key. Adjustable settings allow for flexibility in chip thickness, seasoning application, and frying duration, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether it’s classic sea salt, tangy vinegar, or spicy barbecue, our production line can accommodate any flavor profile with ease.

Not only does our complete line potato chips making machine excel in performance, but it also prioritizes hygiene and safety. Constructed with food-grade materials and equipped with sanitation features, it meets the highest industry standards, ensuring the purity and integrity of your potato chips.

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