frozen french fries production process

Frozen French Fries Production Process in Modern Factory

As an important part of the modern fast food industry, the frozen fries production process is both complex and efficient. From the selection of raw materials to the packaging of the final product, each step requires strict quality control and advanced technical support. This article will introduce the frozen French fries production process in detail.

Step 1. Raw material selection

The first step in producing high-quality frozen french fries is to select good-quality potatoes. Factories usually select potatoes with a high starch content and a regular shape. These potatoes are carefully screened and tested to ensure they are free of disease and damage for subsequent processing.

Step 2. Cleaning and Peeling

Thorough washing is carried out by automated washing equipment to remove soil and impurities. Next, the potatoes enter a peeling machine. Common peeling methods include mechanical peeling and steam peeling.

Step 3. Cutting

Peeled potatoes pass through a conveyor belt into a cutting machine, which cuts the potatoes into uniform strips. The design and quality of the cutting knives have a direct impact on the shape and flavor of the fries, so the knives need to be replaced and maintained regularly.

Step 4. Rinsing and pre-cooking

After cutting, the fries are fed into a rinsing machine to remove the surface starch. Next, the fries are precooked for a short period of time in a precooker. This step helps to destroy enzymes in the potato cell walls, preventing the fries from discoloring during freezing, and partially cooks the fries to improve the taste.

Step 5. Cooling and air drying

After precooking, french fries require rapid cooling, usually using a cold or ice water bath. After cooling, the fries are surface dried in a centrifuge or air dryer to remove excess moisture and prevent the fries from generating excessive water vapor during the frying process.

Step 6. Frying

After drying, the fries go into a deep fryer for deep frying. The frying temperature is usually between 170-180°C and the time is about 1-2 minutes.

Step 7. Freezing

After frying, the fries are quickly flash-frozen in tunnel-type freezing equipment. The freezing temperature is usually between -35℃ and -40℃ and the freezing time is usually 15-20 minutes. The purpose of flash freezing is to reduce the center temperature of the fries to below -18°C in the shortest possible time to maintain the freshness and taste of the fries.

Step 8. Packaging

After freezing, the french fries will be sent to the packing house. Packing workshop usually adopts fully automatic packing equipment, which will separate the fries according to weight and seal the package.

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