potato chips making process

Potato Chips Making Process-From Potatoes to Delicious Snacks

As a popular snack, the potato chips making process goes through many delicate steps. From the selection of potatoes to the completion of packaging, each link requires careful design and control. The following is the general process for potato chip making in a factory:

Step 1:Potato selection and cleaning:

The first step in making potato chips is selecting high-quality potatoes. Only healthy, fresh potatoes can guarantee the taste and quality of the final product. Once the potatoes are selected, they are fed into a cleaning facility where soil and other impurities are thoroughly washed away.

Step 2:Peeling and slicing potatoes:

The washed potatoes are fed into a peeling machine, which removes the skin to ensure consistent taste and color. The potatoes are then fed into a slicing and cut into thin slices, usually in the range of 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm.

Step 3:Blanching:

The potato slices are then blanched. This step is to remove the starch on the surface of the potato slices and make them crispier during the frying process. Blanching is usually done using hot water or steam.

Step 4:Frying:

The blanched potato slices are fed into the frying machine and fried until golden brown. The temperature and time of the oil are key and determine the texture and mouthfeel of the chips.

Step 5:Deoiling:

Fried potato chips will contain too much oil and need to be deoiled. Excess fat is usually removed through a centrifuge or vibrating screen, ensuring that the chips are crispy and not greasy.

Step 6:Seasoning:

The deoiled potato chips are sent to the seasoning machine, where various flavors of seasonings are added. Common seasonings include salt, chili powder, cheese powder, etc., which vary according to market demand and consumer tastes.

Step 7:Packaging:

The seasoned potato chips are sent to the packaging line and packaged into finished products of various specifications and packaging forms. Sealed packaging is often used to preserve the freshness and taste of potato chips. Quality checks are also carried out during the packaging process to ensure that the products meet hygiene and safety standards.

The entire production process requires not only modern potato chips making machine and technology, but also strict quality control and hygiene standards.

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