industrial processing of potato chips

What Is The Industrial Processing of Potato Chips?

Potato chips are a popular snack that we often buy in supermarkets, but do you know what is the industrial processing of potato chips?

Washing and peeling:

Potatoes need to be washed and peeled to remove soil and dirt from the surface. Cleaning can be done by brush cleaning, and peeling usually uses a mechanical peeling machine or a steam peeling machine.


Washed and peeled potatoes are fed into a slicing machine and cut into thin slices. The thickness of the slices is usually between 0.5 mm and 2 mm, and different thicknesses of potato chips will affect the taste.


Sliced potato slices need to be rinsed to remove the starch and impurities produced during the slicing process to ensure the quality and taste of the potato chips.

Water removing:

After rinsing, the potato chips need to be dehydrated to remove excess water. Dehydration usually uses a centrifuge or dryer to ensure that the potato chips do not produce excessive oil mist during frying.


The dehydrated potato chips are fed into the frying machine for frying. The frying temperature and time need to be controlled properly to ensure that the potato chips are fried evenly, crispy, and will not gelatinize.


Fried potato chips need to be seasoned, adding salt, seasoning powder, etc. to increase the taste and flavor. Seasoning is usually done by spray or roller.


The seasoned potato chips are sent to the cooling machine for rapid cooling to prevent the seasoning powder from clumping on the surface of the hot potato chips while ensuring the taste and crispness of the potato chips.

The above is the general process of potato chips industrial processing. Each step plays a vital role in the taste of potato chips. Only by strictly controlling each step can we ensure the quality of the finished product. If you have any demand of potato chips making machine, leave message to us.

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