Why Is There A Potato Shortage For Some Countries?

At the end of 2021, there will be a “french fries shortage” in many places in Japan. There is a severe shortage of potatoes. On November 21, Japan’s McDonald’s announced that it would temporarily limit the sales of french fries due to a shortage of potatoes due to transportation problems. From December 24th to 30th, McDonald’s in Japan will only sell small portions of French fries, temporarily excluding medium and large portions, to ensure that “as many people as possible have the opportunity to eat French fries products.” Not only Japan but also the world is facing the problem of potato shortage. Why is there a potato shortage? the following will lead you to analyze the reasons.

Why is there a potato shortage?

Why Is There A Potato Shortage? Reason For Shortage Of Potatoes

The global shortage of potatoes is a troubling problem for fast-food stores around the world that make french fries and chips. There are multiple factors for the potato shortage.

*The new coronavirus and extreme weather are important reasons for the shortage of potatoes. Under the new crown epidemic, the global supply chain of potatoes has been affected, resulting in a shortage of raw materials. This has resulted in uneven supply in some countries and some fast-food chains. With global warming and environmental changes, it is undoubtedly a natural disaster for some potato suppliers. For farmers who grow potatoes, fusarium wilt or labor disputes, floods, excessive rainfall, and other bad weather cause potato shortages from time to time.

*Some farmers who grow potatoes say that the lack of profitability and the price crisis means that the area used to grow the crop is also shrinking. China, Russia, India, and the United States are the world’s largest potato producers. U.S. potato production is down 2 percent in 2021, according to a November report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The above are some of the reasons why is there a potato shortage?.

Opportunities For Potato Shortages

Although potatoes are in short supply in some areas due to the impact of the global environment, potatoes themselves are rhizomes, vegetatively propagated, and easy to cultivate. There are still many business opportunities for processed potatoes. Potatoes are often processed into fried foods: french fries, chips, etc. If you want to know the processing process of french fries, you can leave us a message, and our company will provide you with a full range of services including market research, plant design, and solutions.

If you want to start a potato-related business, you can leave a message to inform your needs, and we will send you a quotation for related equipment as soon as possible.

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