What Is Potato Processing? Processing And Application Of Potato

What is potato processing? Potato is one of the important crops in developed and developing countries. Potato processing plays an important role and is often processed into snack foods. Chips and chips, for example, form a significant part of the snack and comfort food market. During potato processing, according to statistics, 68% of potato production is consumed, while the share of processing activities is 7.5%. Potato processing is becoming more and more important, let’s take a look at the processing and application of potatoes.

What Is Potato Processing?

1. Potato washing and processing line.

The cleaning and processing line is a part of potato processing, mainly for pre-treatment of potatoes, such as cleaning, air-drying, packaging and selling.

2. Potato cleaning and cutting processing line

The process of washing, dicing, and vacuum-packing fresh potatoes is a common way of potato processing, which can be seen everywhere in supermarkets. The huge benefit of this is no starch buildup and very low waste. Can effectively extend the shelf life of potatoes.

3. French fries and potato chips frying processing line

Chips are the most common way potatoes are processed and one of the most popular snack foods. Chips and fries can be easily obtained after the process of destoning, washing, peeling, cutting, frying, seasoning, and packaging. This is also the process of the most ideal potato frying production line.

4. Frozen French fries processing line

The quick-freezing process of potatoes mainly includes cleaning and peeling, slicing (strips), blanching, dehydration, frying with water and oil, degreasing, quick-freezing, and packaging. This is the most common way of processing frozen French fries (chips).

Application Of Potato Processing

Potatoes have a variety of uses, in addition to being a household vegetable, potatoes are mostly used for processing, i.e. from fresh potatoes to value-added processed foods. In fact, probably less than 50% of the potatoes grown worldwide are eaten fresh. The rest of the processing into potatoes is related to food. The common uses of potatoes are mainly the following.

1. Fresh use: stir-frying, roasting, frying, etc.

2. Potato processing: potato starch, mashed potatoes, potato chips, french fries, frozen fries.

Our company provides a variety of machine and production line solutions for potato processing, such as: French fries processing line, quick-frozen french fries processing line, potato cleaning and grading line, potato cutting and packaging line, etc. Potato processing solutions can be provided according to the needs of different customers. If you want to know more about potato processing or want to start a related business, you can leave us a message. Finally, I hope that through this article, you will have a better understanding of what is potato processing?

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