How Are Store Bought French Fries Made? French fries Processing

French fries are a favorite of many young people. When we buy french fries in a fried chicken shop, a burger shop, and other shops outside, we will find that they are all “frozen fries” taken out of a plastic bag for frying to make french fries, not for use Fresh potato chips. Just like the French fries sold in the store, they are processed fries. This is the most critical point that makes the taste of french fries at home and french fries outside. So do you know how are store bought french fries made? Actually, the fries in the store are mostly frozen fries. The following small series will show you the process of making french fries in the store.

How Are Store Bought French Fries Made? 

The French fries we buy from the store actually go through the following processes: potato dicing, blanching, frying, degreasing, freezing, and packaging.

1. Pick potatoes and wash and peel

Choose high-quality potatoes. Then put the potatoes in a potato washing and peeling machine for washing and peeling. Rub and rub in the machine to complete the de-mud cleaning and peeling. Washed potatoes go to the next process.

2. Slitting machine processing

The peeled potatoes are uniformly processed with a slicing machine and then dropped into a water-containing assembly line for blanching.

3. blanching

The cut French fries are color-protected and sterilized, and at the same time, excess starch on the surface is removed to facilitate frying.

4. French Fries Deep Fried

Drain the blanched fries and fry them until golden brown and crispy.The surface cells of the french fries will disintegrate and dry out under the high temperature of the oil, and the starch granules released by the epidermis will expand outward, and then adhere to the dry skin, and at the same time, a small hollow structure will be formed, which will further increase. The surface area of the fries gives them their crispy texture after deep frying.

5. French fries degreasing

The French fries that have just come out of the fryer still carry oil and need to be degreasing to reduce the greasy feeling.

6. Quick freezing treatment

The temperature in the freezing area is -15~25℃, and the fries are quick-frozen

7. Packaging, storage, and sales

Frozen fries are packaged and then transported to stores for sale.

The above is how are store-bought french fries made?. After the above process, you will get delicious French fries. Our company can provide the above-mentioned complete french fries production line to help you better develop the french fries business. Welcome to consult and leave a message.

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