How Do Factories Clean Potatoes Commercially?

How do factories clean potatoes? In factory potatoes, the skins need to be cleaned first. Potatoes are usually washed in a more water-efficient and efficient way. It not only saves time and effort but also reduces the cost of the enterprise.

How Do Factories Clean Potatoes?

The cleaning of potatoes in the factory is mainly to use a commercial potato cleaning machine to clean the silt on the surface of the potatoes, and it can even be cleaned and peeled at the same time. Generally, larger factories will choose to complete the whole potato cleaning and processing line to realize the automatic cleaning of potatoes.

In order to achieve the best possible end product, washing potatoes efficiently is the first step in achieving this goal. Commercial laundering processes can also include stone removal and stain removal. Can reduce food waste, improve final product quality, and minimize organic and nutrient waste. Therefore, effective cleaning is very important for factories.

The common potato cleaning machines in factories mainly include bubble cleaning machines and brush cleaning machines, which mainly use potatoes with different functional requirements. The bubble cleaning machine can use spray technology to clean the soil on the surface of potatoes, and the brush cleaning machine can At the same time, achieve the effect of cleaning and peeling.

Potato Washing Machine Factory Planning

If you want to buy a commercial soil cleaning machine to use in your own factory. Then there should be some planning for the factory: the plant area of the potato cleaning and processing equipment factory is mainly determined by the processing output and automation level. If it is only simple potato processing, the production, and processing equipment, storage equipment, and transportation tools are relatively small. A few hundred square meters is enough; medium and large potato cleaning and processing plants have relatively complete conditions in all aspects, have relatively sound storage equipment, production, and processing equipment, computer equipment, and transportation tools, have a certain scale of production bases, and relatively stable distribution objects, often More equipment is required, even multiple production lines and the plant area is at least several thousand square meters or even tens of thousands of square meters.

If you want more details on How do factories clean potatoes? or if you are interested in purchasing cleaning and processing equipment for cleaning potatoes, please contact us online or by phone. Leave a message about the size, output, and precautions of the equipment you purchased, so that we can recommend suitable equipment to you and reduce and avoid the damage caused by the equipment you purchased. It will save you costs and improve product quality in the long run.

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