Potato Washing and Peeling Machine Price

Nutritionists believe that potatoes are a “perfect” food. The protein and vitamin B1 contained in potatoes are equivalent to 10 times that of apples, the fat is 7 times that of apples, vitamin C is 3.5 times that of apples, vitamin B2 and iron are 3 times that of apples, phosphorus is 2 times that of apples, sugar and Calcium is comparable to that of apples. At the same time, potatoes also contain a variety of essential amino acids, which can be well absorbed by the human body. In addition to cooking dishes, potatoes can also be processed into French fries and potato chips, which are deeply loved by people all over the world. No matter which method is used for processing, it is inseparable from the cleaning and peeling link. Today, let’s learn about the potato washing and peeling machine.

peeled potato
  1. Potato washing and peeling machine

The brush cleaning and peeling machine is a special equipment for cleaning and peeling potatoes. The working principle is to use the rotation of the hair roller and the mutual friction between the potatoes to remove the soil and impurities attached to the potatoes. The bristle rolls with harder filaments can directly peel the potatoes. And use the spray-type water flow impact cleaning to completely remove impurities and obtain clean, peeled and intact potatoes.

2. Potato washing and peeling machine price

The price of potato washing and peeling machine ranges from 2000USD to 8000USD according to the size of the output. The potato washing and peeling machine developed and manufactured by our company is also suitable for washing and peeling round and oval fruits and vegetables, such as ginger, radish, taro, sweet potato, lotus root and other root vegetables. Cleaning and removing mud from seafood, such as snails, conch, shells, etc. Cleaning and peeling of medicinal materials, such as Codonopsis pilosula, Poria, etc.

The potato washing and peeling machine has beautiful appearance, easy operation, large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, easy to move, low failure rate, continuous cleaning and long service life. It is widely used in restaurants, hotels, schools, factories, and food processing enterprises. Various types of products can be designed and customized according to the user’s output specifications, and customized for customers, which can save costs and improve production efficiency for customers.

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