What Machines Are Used to Make Potato Chips?

Both children and adults love crispy potato chips, but do you know how they are produced? What machines are used to make potato chips? Let me take you to explore together today.

potato chips processing

1. Potato chip processing

The supply of potato chips is generally large, so the production line for processing potato chips has a relatively high degree of automation and is a fully automatic production line. Potatoes are grown in the land, and the first step in processing requires washing and removing the skin of the potatoes. The equipment it needs to use is a brush cleaning machine. Use a hoist to soak the potatoes first and then hoist them into a professional brush cleaning machine. After the potatoes are cleaned and peeled, the potatoes are sliced using a slicer. The potato chips are then lifted into the blanching machine through the elevator to prevent the potato chips from discoloring. After blanching, use a bubble cleaner to cool and rinse to remove the starch on the surface. Before frying potatoes, not only do they need to be rinsed first, but the surface of the potatoes after washing has a lot of water, and the water on the surface must be drained by the air knife air dryer. The key link in potato chip processing is frying. The automatic production line generally uses a continuous fryer. The fried potato chips need to be deoiled by vibration and seasoned by continuous drums. After packaging, the entire process of potato chip production is completed.

2. Potato chips processing equipment

The machines used to make potato chips mainly include brush cleaning machine, slicer, blanching machine, bubble cleaning machine, air knife air drying machine, continuous frying machine, vibration deoiling machine, continuous drum seasoning machine, packaging machine, etc. In order to improve the level of automation, it is also necessary to equip hoists, belt conveyors and other equipment accordingly.

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