What Products Do We Get When Processing Potatoes?

Potato is a commonly used material in food processing, and potato processing has a very large market and commercial value. Many businesses will process potatoes into various foods, so what products do we get when processing potatoes? Below I will describe the products that potatoes are often processed commercially.

What products do we get when processing potatoes? The most common is fried, processed into chips and chips.

1.Potato —Washing Processing

During the processing of potatoes, cleaning is essential. It can not only remove the dirt on the surface, but also wash away the pesticide residues. During the commercial processing, the cleaned potatoes can be directly sold in separate packages, and can also be prepared for the next process. In the process of cleaning potatoes, potato food processing plants often use brush-type potato cleaning machines to quickly clean potatoes.

2.Potato — Cutting Processing

Potatoes can be cut into a variety of shapes: potato chips, fries, corrugated potato chips, wolf tooth potatoes, and more. Sliced potatoes can be fried – one of the most common ways people process them. When cutting potatoes commercially, the corresponding potato cutting machine is often selected for cutting. The common ones are potato chip slicers, french fries slicers, and corrugated potato slicers.

3.Potato — Frying Processing

Potato chips and fries are the most common fried puffed food. The fried potatoes are rich in nutrients, light yellow in color, crispy and delicious, and have a long shelf life. They are one of the snacks that are often processed in large supermarkets and food processing plants. The machines commonly used in the frying process are potato chip fryers and french fries fryers.

4.Potato — Quick Freezing Processing

The finished product of quick-frozen potatoes is usually quick-frozen french fries. The french fries are frozen for easy storage and sale. They are commonly used in the quick-frozen french fries production line of food processing plants.

The above are the common potato processing methods, in addition, it can also be processed into mashed potatoes, potato flour and so on. Are you now more aware of what products do we get when processing potatoes?

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