How Are Frozen French Fries Made For McCain?

McCain Foods, based in New Brunswick, Canada, has been around for more than 60 years and is known for making one-third of the world’s frozen French fries.

McCain & Company operates in more than 160 countries and has 51 manufacturing facilities. McCain & Company offers a wide variety of frozen fries, potato specialties, and appetizers primarily to retail and foodservice channels. So how are frozen French fries made for McCain? Let’s find out together.

How Are Frozen French Fries Made?

A brief overview of the main processes of the frozen fries production line is as follows:

frozen fries production

1. Raw material preset

In order to prolong the processing cycle, the potato raw material must be stored for a long time. Potato sugar and nutrients will undergo certain changes after long-term storage. Therefore, a certain period of recovery treatment must be carried out before processing to make the raw material components meet the processing requirements.

2. De-silt cleaning

Mainly use brush cleaning equipment to remove the surface sediment and foreign matter of potato raw materials.

3. Peel and separate the potatoes

The peeling equipment is mainly used to remove the potato skin and separate the peeled potatoes and spray the color protection liquid to prevent the peeled potato surface from oxidative browning.

4. Trim

Peeled potatoes were manually trimmed to remove unremoved skins, eye shoots, irregularities and greening.

5. Cut strips

According to different specifications, the potatoes are cut into square strips with multi-function vegetable cutting equipment, and the strips are required to be neat and straight.

6. Grading

The fruit and vegetable grading equipment is used to separate the short strips and scraps generated during the processing to improve the yield.

7. Dehydration and drying

The through-flow mesh belt type drying and the dehydrating device is used to remove the moisture on the surface of the french fries to prepare for the next frying process.

8. French fries

Use continuous frying equipment to fry the french fries in hot oil for a short period of time and remove them, and use degreasing equipment to filter out excess oil to fry the french fries with their unique fragrant aroma.

9. Frozen

The fried french fries are pre-cooled and then sent to the quick-freezing equipment for deep-freezing and quick-freezing, so that the crystals in the fries are uniform, which is convenient for long-term preservation and storage and maintains the original flavor.

10. Packaging, refrigeration

Use automatic equipment for bagging and packaging. The packaging process should be as short as possible to prevent the quick-frozen fries from absorbing moisture and thawing, which would affect the quality of the product. Refrigerate immediately after packaging.

After reading the above article, I believe you have a better understanding of how are frozen French fries made? After years of practice, our company has introduced the advanced design concept of frozen French fries processing of McCain Company, and combined with many successful domestic French fries processing examples, we have newly designed and manufactured a complete set of frozen French fries production line. The production line has the characteristics of a scientific design process, mature equipment manufacturing technology and a high degree of automation. At the same time, our company can provide full-process services such as workshop equipment layout, customization, installation and commissioning according to the customer’s production scale and process requirements.

If you want to invest in a frozen french fries production line, please leave a phone call or leave a message, we will contact you as soon as possible, and work together to build a broad platform for business success.

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