What Machines Are Used to Make Potato Chips?

For potato chips, almost everyone will buy one or two packs to eat. They will buy this potato chips snack to eat when they are watching TV or leisure at home. They are very popular among young people. Maybe many people have the business idea of potato chips, but they lack the knowledge to take the initiative to understand this business. If you want to start a business, you should learn and understand the equipment for the production of potato chips business. So What machines are used to make potato chips? I have sorted it out for you below.

What Machines Are Used to Make Potato Chips?

The main machines used in the process of making potato chips are: potato washing and peeling machine, potato slicer, blanching machine, potato chips frying machine, potato chips deoiling machine, potato chips seasoning machine, potato chip packaging machine

  • Potato cleaning and peeling machine: a commercial brush cleaning machine can be used to complete the cleaning and peeling work.
  • Potato Slicer: Cut potatoes into slices of about 3mm.
  • Potato Chips Blanching Machine: rinse and blanch the cut potato chips to achieve the purpose of color preservation.
  • Dewatering machine: Dewatering potato chips before frying can greatly shorten the frying time and improve the taste of potato chips.
  • Potato Chips frying machine: Deep fry to get crispy potato chips and ensure good taste and color.
  • Potato chips deoiling machine: Deoil the fried potato chips, overcome the defects of high oil content and greasy mouth, and enhance the flavor of potato chips.
  • Potato chips Seasoning Machine: Add flavor to potato chips.
  • Potato chips packaging machine: packaged and sold to extend the shelf life.

Advice for Potato Chips Manufacturing Business?

After reading the above machine introduction, I believe you have a better understanding of what machines are used to make potato chips? In the potato chips business, a potato chips production line is essential. There are huge advantages in both increasing productivity and reducing production costs. If you want to start a potato chip business, the above potato chip production line is an ideal choice for the production of small and medium-sized chips. The production process is simple and the equipment is easy to operate. Meet the standards of food production.

In addition, our company has many years of research on potato chips processing and can provide potato chip production and processing solutions according to customer needs. We can provide detailed production line plans, complete equipment, and high-quality services to help customers develop this business quickly. If you would like to get a quotation for a potato chips production line, please leave us a message.

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