Crinkle Cut Fries

How Are Crinkle Cut Fries Made in A Factory?

Crinkle cut fries are a beloved and iconic form of the classic french fry. Their unique wavy shape not only adds a touch of whimsy to the plate but also enhances their texture and ability to hold onto sauces. Have you ever wondered how these delightful fries are made on a mass scale in a factory? Join us as we take a behind-the-scenes look at how are crinkle cut fries made in a factory.

Potato selection and inspection:

The journey of crinkle cut fries begins with the careful selection of high-quality potatoes. The choice of potato variety plays a significant role in determining the taste and texture of the final product. Popular varieties like russet or yukon gold are often preferred for their starch content and flavor. After the potatoes are sourced, they undergo a thorough inspection to ensure they meet strict quality standards. Any potatoes with defects or irregularities are removed to maintain consistency in the final product.

Washing and peeling:

The selected potatoes are then thoroughly washed to remove dirt and debris. Some factories use specialized equipment that employs high-pressure water jets to clean the potatoes efficiently. Once cleaned, the potatoes move on to the peeling process. Automated peeling machines carefully remove the potato skins, ensuring minimal waste and maintaining the desired uniformity.


The peeled potatoes are now ready for the iconic crinkle cut. Industrial-grade cutting machines are employed to precisely cut the potatoes into the desired wavy shape. These machines use sharp blades and are capable of processing large quantities of potatoes quickly. The thickness of the cuts is a crucial factor in determining the final texture of the fries. Consistency in size is maintained to ensure even cooking and a uniform product.


The freshly cut crinkle fries are then subjected to a blanching process. This involves briefly immersing the fries in hot water or steam. Blanching serves multiple purposes, including removing surface sugars, preserving color, and partially cooking the fries. The blanching process is carefully controlled to strike a balance between achieving the desired texture and preparing the fries for the next stages of production.


After blanching, the crinkle cut fries are dried to remove excess moisture. Industrial drying equipment, such as air dryers or centrifugal dryers, is used to ensure the fries are not too wet before the final cooking stage.

Flash frying:

The crinkle cut fries are then subjected to a high-temperature flash frying process. This rapid frying step gives the fries their signature golden color and crispy texture. The cooking time is carefully controlled to ensure a perfect balance between crispiness and tenderness.

Seasoning and packaging:

Once the crinkle cut fries have been fried to perfection, they may be seasoned with salt or other flavorings. The seasoned fries move on to the packaging stage, where they are weighed, sealed, and prepared for distribution.

The production of crinkle cut fries in a factory is a carefully orchestrated process, using professional french fries line to do it. From the selection of premium potatoes to the final seasoning and packaging, each step contributes to the creation of the delightful and iconic crinkle cut fry that graces our plates with its unique shape and irresistible taste.

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