Utz Celebrates National Chip Day With a Fresh Look

Potato chips have always been a favorite snack because it brings us a better sensory experience. Color, aroma and taste are the criteria for judging food. These three points satisfy the sensory experience of sight, smell and taste when we eat. But crispness not only satisfies the human taste experience but also increases the sense of hearing, that is, “sound”, which is why potato chips have become very popular. Recently, Utz celebrated National Chip Day with a new look.

Utz Brands, Inc. celebrated National Potato Chip Day with th introduction of a fresh new look for its iconic Utz® brand potato chips line. Taking place on Monday, March 14th, National Potato Chip Day recognizes America’s number one snack food – potato chips! In 2021, US households purchased 1.5 billion pounds of potato chips, as the original flavor still reigns supreme.

BBQ is undoubtedly the favorite for flavored chips, followed by cheddar, sour cream and onion, and spicy flavors. The new-look of Utz Brand Potato Chips reflects its long heritage with some modern tweaks to its classic look. Each package will now carry their Family Crafted Flavor badge, representing: their pride in their family heritage. They put love into every Utz snack.

And the well-crafted flavors your family loves. But don’t worry, it’s still a little naughty, but at the heart of the Utz brand is Little Utz Girl®, who continues to be the embodiment of honesty and kindness in all things.

Bill Blubaugh, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Utz Brands, Inc:

“We are very proud and excited to introduce our new look and share more about our Homemade Flavor Badge, which will be carried on all Utz Brand potato chips packaging. The badge commemorates every hand touching our carefully crafted treats Members of the Utz family – from potato harvesters to hungry snackers and everyone in between!”

Utz® brand potato chips and other snack foods can be found in leading retailers across the U.S. or available online at Utzsnacks.com.

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