What is the manufacturing process of potato chips?

What is the manufacturing process of potato chips? The production steps of potato chips mainly include the following steps:

potato chips
  1. Potatoes are poured into the washing machine to clean the potatoes.
  2. The potatoes go into a peeler, which has no blades but peels the potatoes.
  3. Potatoes enter the slicer and cut the potatoes into slices of uniform thickness.
  4. Potato slices enter the cleaning tank and are washed repeatedly four times to wash off the starch, and then the potato slices are quickly dried.
  5. Potato slices are fried in a frying machine and then degreased.
  6. Add some condiments and mix well, so that there are different flavors of potato chips.
  7. Potato chips packaging. The potato chips are packed in equal quantities. In order to prevent the potato chips from being squeezed and broken during transportation, nitrogen gas will be filled during packaging.

As a professional manufacturer of potato chip processing equipment, we can provide corresponding equipment to help customers realize automation in every step of potato chip processing. Using our equipment has the following advantages:

  1. Produces excellent potato chip quality with vibrant colours.
  2. Potato chips are low in oil.
  3. Proven technology for easy and safe operation.
  4. The fryer uses oil-water mixing technology, so deposits can be easily cleaned.
  5. Professionals provide full guidance and installation, and we also provide free training.
  6. Specializes in the recipe for making crispy potato chips, which will be provided to customers for an annual fee.

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